Our tips to arrange a cozy beach house style living room

Dreaming about living in a cozy beach house style interior? Follow our best tips to bring the sunshine to your living room with Salty Furniture. You will feel the holiday vibe all year long! 


Choose a surfboard coffee table for a cozy living room

Bring a beach house style to your living room with our beautiful surfboard coffee tables. Between or different shapes, colors and sizes, you will find the perfect coffee table for your interior. Their kid-friendly shapes are perfect for all the family.

cozy beach house style furniture

Add a few surfing books on your table to allow your spirit to travel from home

Our favorite surf-themed books : Surf Shacks by Indoek, Surfing by Jim Heimann, Taschen. Create a beach-style wall art for a creative touch Stay connected to the ocean with our Salty tide clocks. There is nothing like a clock to dress up a wall! Hang one of our tide clocks representing your coast, surround it with frames mixing some paintings, family photos or vintage surf photography. 

cozy beach house style surf book

Select natural materials for a cozy interior

Create a cozy interior with a beach house style by using natural materials. Cover your ground with a handmade woolen Morrocan carpet to add a colorful note. Throw a soft blanket on your sofa and bring a mix of linen cushions for a comfy living room.

furniture cozy beach house style

Grow tropical plants to bring the sunshine in

Design a lush living room with tropical plants. Grow magnificent palms, succulents, cactus, or make your own homegrown plants! Bring a flowers bouquet to your table for a fresh interior. Try the trend of dried flowers or eucalyptus branches to add a natural style to your place.

Add souvenirs from your favorite places

Add souvenirs from all around the world like pottery, ceramics, crystals or musical instruments such as a ukulele. Hang a macrame decoration to your wall and select unique seashells to bring the ocean to your house.

cozy beach house style tropical

Gathered together with a personal touch, these items will bring a cozy beach house style to your living room. We hope that you found some inspiration to decorate your interior !

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